Growth of #Web3 by Adrian Kennedy @RenderATL Conference


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For those of you who didn’t have time to watch the Atlanta conference, here’s the summarys (all images are reserved to @RenderATL Youtube Video’s)

What is Web3

Web3.0 is read/write and trust. It’s very decentralized and very individual focused. We can think like FAANG, it based on community, but the data is very centralized, where people not really owned they data, information, and lot of gatekeepers ,etc.


The #Web3 Growth Trend

From what we’ve been seeing is a massive growth trend of #Web3. At this point Web3 is at about $2 trillion! As more people will adopted, it will allows people to benefit from the opportunity and can be ahead of generational trends.


How big could #Web3 get ?

Right now #web3 is about 2% of global capital market, which stand at about $105 trillion.And that 2% puts crypto, NFTs & web3 right about $2 trillion today! And what that could do in the next 10 years is grow to 10% and will end up resulting in over 300% growth rate. And understood too, that growth rate is very low estimation on Speakers part (Adrian).


Why education is important ?

Education drives the growth of all technologies :

  • Increases user adoption
  • Help create innovation & interoperability with existing tech
  • Expand economic opportunity for people and businesses

Where is #Web3 Adoption ?

Right now #Web3 is in the early market adoption phase, where this phase is :

  1. Includes innovator and early adopters
  2. only 15% of the market
  3. The Speakers see the adoption of Innovator with only 2.5% of the market using it

How can you seize the opportunity ?

Being ahead of the crowd presents a great opportunity

  • Learn about #Web3 Tech
  • Network with people and projects that building with #Web3 Tech
  • Follow companies and Innovator in #Web3
  • Find opportunity to get paid to learn and work on #Web3 tech

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