5 Takeaways from Space "How to Get a Job at a Big Tech Company"


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For those who don’t have time to listen to this Space below, here are the important points that I got. Maybe this is more related to How to Get a FE Job at Big Tech Company. But it is fine, and here we go.

1. Try to Make Something Reusable & Scalable

Working in a Big Tech company, ‘usually’ already have their own design guidelines. And this design guideline is likely to be widely used in some of their products (which is the company) as their branding. Therefore, making a component that is reusable and scalable is very important, we must start to be able to identify which parts can be used dynamically, and which parts must be changed so that they can be easily improved or debugged (scalable)

2. Try to Learn Typescript

Maybe not all Big Tech uses Typescript, but one of the tools that really helps us to achieve from point 1 before is Typescript.

Why is it so helpful? because it is a “Superset of Javascript”. Simply put, Typescript is a compiler that makes additional syntax so that we can provide data types to the code we write (variables, functions, etc.). That way, it can make it easier for us to create scalable and reusable code.

3. Networking

If you want to get into Big Tech, it will be a little difficult if you just rely on the usual method (Apply a Job in the Job Portal for example). Because Big Tech is like Google, last year it was able to receive around 3000 resumes per day (#cmiiw).

Imagine, what is the percent chance that our resume will be seen by a recruiter? We have to understand from the company’s point of view, the company only wants to get credible information, one of which is to get references from people who work / know several recruiters at Big Tech.

Then how to get references? Some of them is to spread the network, start building relationships with many people (quality friend if possible), or build our online presence like #learninpublic, tidy up our LinkedIn and Github Profile. It could be one of them, who led us to our dream job.

4. Prepare Your Interview

This is a fairly short explanation, prepare for our interview well by practicing a lot, such as problem solving. And often look at mock interview references in several sources such as youtube, so that we know an overview of the questions asked by the recruiter. In Indonesia, one thing I know is #MockInterview by Imre Nagi

5. Try to learn how to Thinking Out Loud

In the interview session, we may not be able to answer some of the questions asked by the recruiter. But, don’t just stay silent or ask to skip to the next question.

But try to convey / share what you are currently trying to think to answer the question. Even though the answer may be wrong, the recruiter also wants to know how to think about problems that we don’t answer.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy it and useful for all of you!